Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Why Facebook advertising?

Here are some reasons:
This is as perfect for small local businesses as well as national businesses. You can specify the geographic area you want your ads to appear in and it’s relevant whether you sell products or services to consumers or businesses. You can actually specify types of people who work for specific companies’ age which gender etc...

Your customers and potential customers are on Facebook. Half the population are spending 30 minutes per day on Facebook. They’re sitting there. If you know how to reach them better than your competitors, you’ve got yourself an ongoing stream of new customers.

Targeting. All that private information that Facebook has in its vaults is available to you, the advertiser. You can target your customers with amazing precision.

It’s not expensive at present either.... These are the early days of what we think will be the next big advertising forum. Advertising on Facebook is still quite inexpensive in comparison but it won’t last.... This is one to investigate now and we can do it for you...
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