Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Does Link Building Work?

Links to and from your website have been the foundations upon which search engines have identified and ranked the popularity of all websites for years. The idea being that links count as ‘votes’ for your site.

It should be a combination of quality and quantity of links, however it is best not to sacrifice the quality for quantity as the quality of the site that the ‘vote’ or link comes from plays a key factor in the improvement of your site in the search engine rankings, due to the respect that the search engine has for that sites ‘vote’.

The respect that a search engine such as Google has for a website can be identified at a high level by the PR or Page Rank a website has. Page Rank comes from a multitude of criteria found in algorithms used by Google and other Search Engines and is a rating out of 10 (10 being the best and highest quality site out there).

Having said this there are very few with a 9 or 10 Page Rank these are reserved for very few such as itself. At time of writing there are only approximately 20 Page Ranked 10 Websites in the world, including,, and

Link Building is known as off-site website optimization, any good quality and effective Search Engine Optimisation Campaign should also consist of on-site optimisation which refers to content, meta data, internal links as well as several other key areas - all of which will be covered in future blog articles.

Off-site Website Optimisation consists of more than just Link Building, although Link Building is a key part of it and is actually a key part of Search Engine Optimisation in general.

There are a multitude of link building websites and directories that you can either be free or that you pay for. Usually if you are prepared to have a reciprocal link to the directory of link building website, or pay a fee, then your site will be looked at and accepted more quickly.

So although the design and construction of Websites, how people use and interact with websites have changed the principles and importance of Link Building within an effective Search Engine Optimisation campaign remains the same, for the time being…

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  1. i do agree that link building helps in ranking a website.