Saturday, 21 April 2012

How important is a company logo?

A company logo is the face of the business; it is an effective way to give a company a personal image that people can connect with, no matter what the size of the organisation. It has to be unique and memorable whilst reflecting values of the business.

It is extremely important for companies to have a well executed integrated marketing campaign to ensure consistency of message and use media channels to their full potential. A good company logo can act as the lynch pin for this. Consumers will get used to seeing the logo and know instantly who the company is and what they are about.

A good logo acts as a silent salesman, it allows instant brand recognition from consumers and it can conjure emotions and thought processes connected with the brand. A consumer is more likely to choose a company with a logo they recognise because of the connections they have associated with it – Looking at it simply people are more likely to trust a person who they recognise.

Two elements have to be carefully considered when designing a logo:

Firstly design – this can either be simple or complex, this decision depends completely on the brand image. It is also important to be sure that the logo is still effective when reproduced. If a logo is too complex when printed on a small scale it may lose its effectiveness.

Secondly colour – different colours bring with them varying connotations. Banks tend to use gold, green and blue to project a mature and trustworthy image whereas fast food restaurants and companies aimed mainly at the children’s market chose bright colours such as yellow and red. There are also differences with the meaning of colours in different countries so if you’re dealing with a global brand this might be something to take into consideration.

Taking the Chanel logo as an example; the use of black and white projects an elegant and classic image in keeping with that of the brand. The backward C’s further this. If you were to ask any fashion conscious male or female they are guaranteed to know the Chanel logo – I would even go so far as to say that many people who aren’t interested in fashion would know it too.

This is also evidence that some products would be nothing without their logos. Imagine most designer bags minus a logo, many of them would just be simple bags and they wouldn’t cost half their current price.

Another way to grab consumer’s attention is to have hidden meanings within logos  this can cause discussion around the brand. However it is a good idea not to make them too metaphorical otherwise people may miss the point.

So how important is a company logo? Very. A logo is so important that companies are attempting to sue others who they believe to be copying them. An example of this is back in 2008 Lacoste attempted to stop a Gloucestershire dentist from using a crocodile as the logo for the business.

A logo is a brilliant opportunity to connect with the consumer and cement your business into their brand repertoire. Don’t miss out...

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