Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Its Midnight on Sunday - Is your business working for you ?

A simple view on why a good company website is needed

It’s midnight on a Sunday night and a customer wants to find out where the nearest store is or whether your company stocks a certain product. Imagine being able to provide that customer with all the information they need without having to get out of bed and tell them.

A website provides you with this opportunity - It rarely takes sick days, works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and it’s even willing to work on Christmas day...
Customers often use a company website as their first point of contact with the organisation, it creates an impression of your company straight away and can sometimes make the decision as to whether the customer wants to interact with your company or not.

Benefits of having a well designed website include:
-          International recognition of your company.
-          Websites can often be less expensive that traditional media. Online there is no need to pay for reprinting of literature if there have been changes to any information.
-          They are convenient for customers as they are able to access the information they need wherever and whenever they want to.
-          You website acts as an online identity – no doubt your competitors will be online so pitch up beside them and don’t miss out on valued custom.
-          Give the opportunity for increased sales – customers are more likely to buy if procedures are simple and quick. Plus some customers might discover you by using online search engines so might not have known your company existed otherwise.
-          Websites can be used as a promotional tool – a successful website can raise awareness of your company and be used as an online brochure showcasing your products in a limitless showroom. Printing costs can also be cut as literature can direct people to the website.
-          A website hosts the ability to update information quickly and efficiently.
Overall it IS important that your company has a website as customers use it as a source of information about your company, a place to purchase your products and it offers you company endless opportunities to communicate with your customers.
However it is important to note that a good website design is extremely important, the reason many websites fail to produce results is because of bad design. Good web designers understand the need for websites to engage users and stimulate interest and often web design is not as expensive as first thought.

 So give your company the online presence it deserves and call Monkjack Marketing for a quote...

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